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Title: The Dragon Prince Season 2
Genres: Animation | Family | Fantasy
Country: USA | Canada
Language: Hindi | English
Release Date: 14 September 2018 (USA)
Quality: 720p NF HDRip x265 HEVC
Subtitles: English
Format: MKV
Size: 1.1-GB

IMDb | Netflix


The series is set in a fantasy world on the continent of Xadia, The Dragon Prince Season 2 In Hindi 720p Episodes which is rich with magic derived from six primal elements: The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Sky and the Ocean. However, the humans – who could not utilize primal magic – discovered the use of dark magic, which is fueled by the life essence of animals and magical creatures.[5] As a consequence, they were driven off by the dragons and elves of Xadia to the other end of the continent, where they founded the five human kingdoms. The Breach, the border between the two halves of the continent, was guarded by Thunder, the king of dragons.


The Dragon Prince is a fantasy computer-animated television series created for Netflix Hindi Dubbed by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and produced by Wonderstorm. Download The first season premiered on September 14, 2018. A second season was released on February 15, 2019. Hindi Episodes Of third season has been confirmed. A video game set in the same world as the series is in development.

Humans Cast Of The Dragon Prince Season 2

  • Viren (Jason Simpson), King Harrow’s advisor, a practitioner of dark magic and one of the series’ primary antagonists.
  • Claudia (Racquel Belmonte), Viren’s daughter, a talented dark mage and Callum’s first romantic interest.
  • Soren (Jesse Inocalla), Viren’s son, a boastful, dim-witted soldier.
  • King Harrow of Katolis (Luc Roderique), Ezran’s father and Callum’s stepfather.
  • Queen Sarai of Katolis (Kazumi Evans), Ezran and Callum’s mother who died several years before the series’ beginning.
  • General Amaya, the deaf maternal aunt of Callum and Ezran who communicates in sign language, and commander of an Katolian outpost at the Breach.
  • Commander Gren (Adrian Petriw), Amaya’s deputy.
  • Corvus (Omari Newton), one of Amaya’s scouts.
  • Ellis (Nahanni Mitchell), a young mountain girl.
  • Opeli (Paula Burrows), a prominent member of Katolis’ High Council.
  • Aanya (Zelda Ehasz), the juvenile Queen of Duren.
  • Captain Villads (Peter Kelamis), a blind and eccentric ex-pirate.

The Dragon Prince Season 2 Hindi Episodes List

A Secret and a Spark S2, Ep1
Callum, Ezran and Rayla go with Lujanne. As Callum asks Lujanne to teach him magic and Ezran tries to teach Zym how to fly, Rayla senses danger approaching.

Half Moon Lies S2, Ep2
After a fierce showdown with Rayla, Soren and Claudia argue about the best way to deal with the princes. Rayla worries she’s kept a secret too long.

Smoke and Mirrors S2, Ep3
Callum searches for a way to tell Ezran the sad news, and Rayla sets a trap for Claudia and Soren. Viren watches a mysterious figure in the mirror.

Voyage of the Ruthless S2, Ep4
After saying goodbye to Phoe-Phoe, the gang teams up with a pirate to cross a bay, where Callum tries to forge a connection with the sky arcanum.

Breaking the Seal S2, Ep5
At the summit of the five kingdoms, Viren fights to win the support of a young queen. Flashbacks reveal a key moment from King Harrow’s reign.

Heart of a Titan S2, Ep6
The attack on the Magma Titan has devastating consequences for two kingdoms. In his letter, Harrow shares a lie, a secret and a wish for the princes.

Fire and Fury S2, Ep7
When Soren picks a fight with a dragon, chaos breaks out and Rayla faces a difficult decision. A defeated Viren returns to the figure in the mirror.

The Book of Destiny S2, Ep8
Callum pays a price for dabbling in dark magic. Claudia searches desperately for a way to help Soren, and Ezran makes a heartbreaking discovery.

Breathe S2, Ep9
After using his gift to help Claudia, Ezran makes an important decision about the quest. Callum wakes up with a new understanding of primal magic.

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Download The Dragon Prince Season 2 Hindi Dubbed Episodes 720p HD

Download The Dragon Prince Season 2 Hindi Dubbed Episodes 720p HD

Download The Dragon Prince Season 2 Hindi Dubbed Episodes 720p HD

Download The Dragon Prince Season 2 Hindi Dubbed Episodes 720p HD

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